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.....10/29/01   nearly all sections have been filled up with text and information now. the first version is now to be uploaded and is undergoing some corrections and tests. whole launch to be in a week...
.....10/23/01 kobNet has been launched on tuesday and it is to be finished in the next week. all the areas will be filled with content and the support is working with the beginning of next week. we hope you enjoy your stay!
.....10/22/01   beginning with the conception of the web-site, areas and content
.....08/30/01   kobNet is founded in rockford illinois

welcome to kobNet and "everything out of one hand" media company. please use the navigation for more information on the company, projects, general information or contact opportunities. Have a nice day - kobNet team!

KobNet solutions was founded in august 2001 in rockford, illinois and is partly managed from munich, germany by felix and clemens koebler. the company wants to serve small to mid-sized companies and help to maintain a flexible and friendly workflow.
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