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KobNet solutions was founded in august 2001 in rockford, illinois and is partly managed from munich, germany by felix and clemens koebler. the company wants to serve small to mid-sized companies and help to maintain a flexible and friendly workflow.

behind kobNet solutions stands a small team of freelancers, offering a wide range of possibilities in the media world (..:: see more). we can offer our costumers web-design, internet programming, cooperate id development, translation service, wireless services to small flash movies and built-in sound features for the costumers web presentation.

but this is just the one half of our idea. the basic idea behind kobNet is to get a connection between the "new world" and the "old world". for example to help mid-sized american businesses with their idea to built a german site.

business websites are not longer only business cards in an electronic way. our picture of a website is a combination between an uptodate design, connectable to the prestige of a company and a well-organized and structured content. this combination gives a website the features a web user is looking for on the internet.

like a good meal, the eye is eating, too. the design helps to "eat" the content of a companies website and makes the information offer more enjoyable or "delicious" for the enduser of a website.

after working with the media internet for a longer time, we structured the a working project into three phases:

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